Archaeological excavations in Bohemian Paradise (Czech Republic)

ERASMUS+ University of Hradec Králové

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Archaeological excavations in Bohemian Paradise

Two field excavations will be carried out between 18th and 29th July 2022 in Eastern Bohemia (Czech
Republic) under the supervision of members of the Department of archaeology, Philosophical Faculty,
the University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic (details of the excavations follows). We would like to
invite international students of archaeology to participate in these excavations on the platform of
Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs). We aim to create a group of 15 - 20 international
students divided into two subgroups. These subgroups will alternate between the two excavations.
The excavations will be preceded by an online workshop presenting the results of the previous
excavation seasons and the archaeological context of the excavations.
Basic information:
• Organizer: Department of Archaeology, Philosophical Faculty, University of Hradec Králové (CZ
• short physical group mobility (12 days) in combination with virtual components
• physical mobility: 18th-29th July 2022
• 5 ECTS
• students of archaeology (BA, MA, Ph.D.) with communication level of English
• Each participant should get from her/his sending institution mobility grant: individual support
is €70 per day.
Shortly about the excavations
Excavation 1: Research of the quadrangular enclosure complex in Markvartice, okr. Jičín
Quadrangular enclouse complex in Markvartice (district Jičín, Czech Republic) represents one of the
few sites of this type known from the territory of the Czech Republic. The period of its origin and
existence falls into the final phase of the Late Iron Age (LT C2-D1; 180-50 BC). It is a multifunctional
super community complex that is associated, among other things, with the residential activities of
members of the social elite of the time. The upcoming excavation season is focused on revising the old
excavation (held in 1969) of the rampart and the completion of the knowledge on constructions built
in the interior of the enclosure. Students will learn the basic excavation procedures, documentation,
sampling, and, if conditions are right, field walking.

Excavation 2: Sandstone abris in Bohemian Paradise
In this part of the field research, students will get acquainted with specific stratigraphies preserved in
the sandstone overhangs of the Bohemian Paradise. Their uniqueness lies in the continuous
sedimentation throughout the entire Holocene and the excellent preservation of the remains of
human activity (fireplaces, structures) and nature (malacofauna, macro-residues, charcoals, etc.).
During the excavations we will move in the valleys of Jordánka creek in a romantic landscape near the
castle Trosky. We will excavate the overhangs of Čin Čan Tau and On The Road with rich Mesolithic
settlements. Students will get acquainted with the methods of detailed research of the Mesolithic in a
stratified situation and the procedures of total sampling of environmental data.

Basic accommodation will be provided in the camp near the archaeological sites. From here, students
will be transported to the exavation sites. Alternatively, in Markvartice site, it is possible to be
accommodated directly on the site, but students need to be equipped with their own tents in this case.
Basic camp facilities (fire pit, grill, cooker, communal tent with seating, mobile toilet) are also built on
site. Hygiene facilities and the possibility of outdoor bathing at the swimming pool are available in the
village of Rakov (about 4 km). The possibility of buying food and hot meals in the pub is offered by the
village of Markvartice (about 3 km)...and if there is time, we also go on trips to the picturesque
landscape of Bohemian Paradise.
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